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Axium Academy is by far the best investment I have made.  Wade and his staff are top notch, and they really care about you and your success.  Take advantage of the Axium Academy Master Class.  By the end of the weekend you will have the “Wow effect”.  I look forward to continuing my education and success due to the tools and training I received at Axium.

Paul F.

December 5, 2017

I write this as a class A, construction contractor of over 40 years experience in residential and commercial construction experience. I just attended an Axium course on home inspections and will now continue to complete the requisite requirements to become a fully vetted home inspector.
I want to commend the organization and it’s people for their professionalism, organization and knowledge in their presentation of the course and their willingness to impart their knowledge onto the students. Regardless of what your work experience background is, this course is for everyone from entry level to those who already possess other relevant work experience. So, if you are entertaining the idea of being a home inspector, I highly recommend giving Wade, Brandon or Brian a call to learn more. Thanks to all of the Axium personnel and their associates for their excellent efforts.

Brian L.

August 8, 2017

I just finished with Wade’s training program on how to be a residential home inspector and run your own successful home inspection business.  If you are interested in this field, I highly recommend taking this course.  Wade gives you everything you need to set up your own business and how to be a great inspector.  He offers an incredible amount of information and services beyond finishing the course.  The cost of taking this training was well worth it.  I especially like how he offers you so much even after you complete the course.  This program is very well organized and the support throughout is great.  The information in the Master Your Market course is fantastic for starting up any small business.  I found it to be universal.  Well worth the time and money.

Jason B.

October 12, 2016

I enrolled in Axium Academy not really knowing what to expect. I was extremely pleased with the program and just how much great information was taught. Wade is extremely knowledgeable. His approach to teaching and encouragement for the students to be the best was very refreshing. I am proud to say I am a graduate of Axium Academy and I look forward to being very successful as a Home Inspector. Thank you Wade and team.

Frank V.

October 12, 2016

I took the Axium Academy course in July and had an amazing experience.  I’ve been looking for a career that suits me for several years and feel like this academy gave me the foundation to really succeed at home inspections.  The greatest asset with Axium Academy is their association with InterNachi.  Axium Academy aligned their course with the on line courses provided by InterNachi so that while you are getting the personal attention with Axium you are also earning credits with InterNachi.  Wade has an incredible amount of pictures to show what items should look like as well as some that show defects and other odd things he and his inspectors have come across over the years.
Anyone who wants to own their own business knows that it takes many hours to get started and to stay relevant.  Wade goes beyond teaching home inspections with the masters course by showing you how to start your business and keep it running successfully.  He set up an incredible support structure for new people to ask questions and receive answers immediately from seasoned inspectors working in the field that day.  The biggest aspect of the course that advanced my confidence was the mock inspections.  I was able to follow an Axium inspector on eight different inspections ranging from a high end condo downtown, to a townhouse, and homes ranging from new to almost 100 years old varying in size.  These mock inspections gave me a better understanding of what to identify as items in good working order versus defects.
The office staff is great.  I had questions and they let me know that the free seminar would answer everything and give a synopsis of the class and what to expect.  Signing up was easy and they helped me with financing options. I had an issue with logging onto the website and they stopped what they were doing to help me over the phone.  The issue was taken care of right then and I was able to continue my course work.  I think anyone who is looking into starting a new career should consider attending Axium Academy to become a home inspector.

Jonathan P.

September 16, 2016

This class is life changing.

Last month I graduated from Axium Academy; I can honestly say, without a doubt Axium Academy will have a greater ROI than my Bachelors degree. My investment has already paid for itself. It’s not even a month after the class has ended and I’m already getting work that pays in excess of $700 per day.

Wade, the founder and CEO of Axium Inspections and Axium Academy, along with his helpful and friendly staff give you all of the information, confidence and business strategies that you need to get up and running as a home inspector. The curriculum combines online, classroom and in the field training.

I STRONGLY recommend the Master’s Class, It’s slightly more expensive, but well worth it. The online training combined with the 8 days in the classroom and the “ride along” inspections provide a very thorough foundation for starting a business or going to work for Axium or another established inspection company.

I could go on waxing poetic, but I’d be wasting your time. All you need to know is that this is the class you want to take to start your career as an Inspector. I have taken other career training courses (through Kaplan) to become a real estate agent and (while this may not be an apples to apples comparison) they were not anywhere near as good.

Do yourself a favor; go to Axium Academy’s website and SIGN UP NOW!

Real T.

October 5, 2016

I was a Lil sceptical when I first heard about the home inspection training at axuim because of so many companies claim to provide you with superior education and fall short repeatedly. Axuim was different,  they went above and beyond  what was advertised and staff was very friendly. I highly recommend this company as not only an education resource but a support system after class is over.

Anthony L.

October 12, 2016

My experience at the Axium Academy was very positive.  I especially appreciated the blended approach of hands on training in conjunction with the material covered in class.  Wade was very knowledgeable and could offer an in-depth answer to most any question that was put to him.

I also really appreciated the interactions with my fellow classmates.  Perhaps it was due to the relatively significant investment that it takes to sign up for the course, but it was attended by industry professionals (an electrician, a real estate agent, etc.) with significant insights of their own to offer.  Having people who were motivated and aware of what performing home inspections might involve made someone like me (with relatively little related experience) feel like I was taking a step toward a rewarding career.  It also allowed the course to be more conversational instead of simply being a week of lectures.

All in all it was well worth the time and investment.   I’m now working as an inspector and building upon the knowledge base that I received from Axium Academy daily.

Beau B.

October 17, 2016

I took the Axium Academy Master Class this month with Wade, and was very satisfied with the course. The course includes InterNACHI membership and certification through their website, that ties into what Wade goes over in class, with plenty of pictures that Wade has collected over the years of almost every condition. The class is taught by a Certified Master Inspector, and is not just the rehashing of the online curriculum, but a supplement and expansion to the online courses. In the Master’s Class there is a business and marketing component where Wade shows us what marketing efforts he has done that work, and what haven’t been a good ROI.
I am looking forward to the ride along inspections and feel confident that I will have the support and resources from Axium when I open my own business.

Max S.

October 31, 2016

If you want to be a home inspector and live within 100 miles of Axium, consider yourself lucky.  There can’t be a better preparatory class in the nation.  I graduated from the academy last month with no prior home inspection/building/construction background and I am well on my way to starting my own business.  Wade and his team give you all of the tools you need to turn this into an independent business where you can earn a great income ($75K+ if you’re serious).  The class takes you step-by-step through Axium’s inspection methodology, includes InterNACHI certification, and will give you so much exposure to home defects (Wade showed us at least 1,000 pictures) that when you do your first inspections, you’ll feel like a seasoned pro.  Plus the support included is awesome – access to Axium’s report-writing iPhone software, online materials, text and phone support…it’s everything you need.  Why struggle for months on your own to learn stuff that Axium is willing to teach you in a week?  Worth every penny.  Also, the supplemental Master Your Market marketing class (included in the full package) is essential if you want to learn the tips and tricks to booking clients. Do it!

Neil H.

March 3, 2017

Taking Axium Academy’s class and becoming home inspector is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Outstanding experience and support, very professional and thorough.

Vladimir C.

March 13, 2017

I would highly recommend Axium Academy. The field training alone is worth the cost of the Master class. Wade and his team stood behind me at every step of my new career path!! I now have the confidence to grow my home inspection business.

John Brendlinger

October 12, 2016

The Axium Academy course was spot on. I felt like I received more then my monies worth in class time and training.

Wade Christianson

June 6, 2016

The instruction and follow up support I have received have been fantastic. They really are helping me reach my goals!

Brandon Cook

September 7, 2016

I attended the September Axium Academy class, and have been very impressed. Not only did I receive a great amount of information I have also received ongoing support. That has help build my confidence when inspecting homes. I have been very impressed with the entire staff always quick to respond to emails, phone calls and text.

Ty Barrett

Many thanks to Wade and Axium Academy for helping me become a certified home inspector! Their years of practical experience brought the technical content to life and made it much more memorable. I’m grateful for the relationships I formed and the support that Axium continues to provide. My time at the academy was exactly what I needed to slingshot my new career forward!

Mike Griswold

Hands down the best place for all your home inspection education and support system once you get your business going. Highly recommended!

Anthony Lawson

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