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Marketing Your Company for Growth and Success

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Master Your Market Course

At Axium Academy, we want you to have all the preparation you need in order to launch, grow, and maintain a successful business. We’ll train you how to create and implement effective marketing strategies so you can earn the revenue you deserve. You’ll be learning these strategies directly from the CEO of a multi-million dollar company so we KNOW it works.


Intensive, Live Course

Our 2-Day intensive marketing course teaches you how to begin and amp up your marketing. We teach you the best campaigns in the business so you can effectively gain long-lasting customers. We have been using these campaigns for our own company so we KNOW it works. We will teach you all of our secrets to success during this live, hands-on training where you’ll be guided step-by-step how to set up your marketing plan.


Ongoing Marketing Education

Not only do you learn during the 2-Day course, but you will gain access to daily training beyond the course to ensure you are keeping up with the most up to date marketing strategies. We want you to be successful and that means ongoing education. We want to extend our growing knowledge onto you so you can develop your own success. Our Master Your Market Membership will give you daily, weekly, and monthly ongoing coaching. This is all included as a monthly membership!

Designed for Your Success

Our course provides features you didn’t even know you needed. Like 24/7 post-course support and marketing training.


Payment Plans

Here, we believe in affordability and flexibility which is why we offer practical payment plans.


24/7 Support Post-Course

Our active, certified inspectors, sales, admin, and marketing specialists are on stand-by to assist you when you need help. Learn more about the support here.


Marketing and Business

Learn how to make it a successful business with our 2-day intensive marketing course.

Discounts and Referral Network

We have a large network of companies that will aid in getting you started and growing your business. When you go through us, you will get great discounts and benefits nobody else gets!

Learn the Strategies of a Multi-Million Dollar Company

From start to finish, you will learn the concepts of each of the topics below AND how to implement them for epic success.


Understand Your Brand

We teach you the best practice for naming your company and designing your brand to ensure a professional and trustworthy business.

First Impressions

Your appearance and behavior is important when performing an at-home service. We will teach you  the best ways to generate returning customers by presenting yourself as a credible professional.

Network Proficiency

We can teach you how to grow your sphere of influence from the people you already know by activating interest, reaching out, and extending your services to reach a larger customer base. Students have even gained leads before this section of the course has ended!

Advanced Sales Techniques

We will teach you how to take calls like a professional and how to use phone systems to maximize your close ratio and make the sale. With these steps you will be able to obtain close ratios of 95% or higher!

50-Point Referral Marketing Campaign

We have created a custom campaign process which teaches you how to increase your growth through referrals of previous customers. No business can survive without referrals.

Google Efficiency

Google is a very significant point of online presence. We will teach you how to set up Google AdWords, My Business, and Google Plus. Learn how to effectively list your business online to gain the most visibility by being in the top 3 results!

Customer Relations Strategies

Learn customer relations management software and how to effectively track the leads and sales you are making. Sales, tracking return on investment (ROI), leads, database organization, and more.

Internet Efficiency

You’ll learn how to purchase domains and set up hosting so you can begin marketing your services on the internet. We’ll teach you how to update your own website with fresh, new content, best SEO practices and how to build a site that is effective in closing sales.

Customer Service Strategy

We will teach you how to turn a negative review, into a happy customer for a life-long professional relationship. Just follow our 17-point plan for nurturing business relationships.

Dominate the Competition

We will teach you how to analyze your competition so you can create your own unique selling ideas in order to be the best in the business.

3rd Party Marketing

There is a world of online marketing that can help you gain leads. We will teach you how to setup and maintain website postings on sites like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Better Business Bureau, Team Dave Logan, and many more.

Social Media Prowess

We teach you how to post, update, create ads, promote, and maintain social media accounts in order to keep their business in the forefront of people’s minds. You’ll learn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

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