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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I register?

Simple click THIS LINK and choose a course option. You will be taken to a registration page.

Is the market good enough to have a career being an Inspector?

Yes! Although we have a lot of students, there is no doubt that there is plenty of work out there for everyone. The real estate market has been increasing exponentially. There are thousands of new listings each month and we teach you how to get them.

Is there an age limit to home inspecting?

Nope! Inspectors age range anywhere from 20 – 65 years old. It is not physically exhaustive, it provides a great way to make money and get out of the house (or office), and it doesn’t require a lot of startup money. The best part is that we help you get started so you have no surprises when you step into the field.

Do I get a job out of the course?

Axium Inspections cannot promise a job to all students. We have hired students but with the shear volume of students per course, we would not be able to hire them all. Top students that show exemplary skills and work ethic will have better chances at a career the Axium Inspections, however still not a guaranteed placement. Many of the other top home inspection companies across the country often choose students from our graduating classes.

Remember, we do support and assist you if you choose to start your own home inspection business. We guide you through all the necessary steps so you can be successful.

Is experience necessary to join the course?

No experience necessary! We really do teach you from start to finish. We have students from all types of career backgrounds including restaurant management, truck driving, handyman work, administrative, etc. There is no requirement to take the course because we walk you through each step and support you even when the course is done.

How much does the course cost?

The pricing for each course varies. To view pricing, choose the course you’re interested in from the menu options and towards the bottom of the page, you’ll see pricing and registration.

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