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Who is Axium Academy?

Axium Academy is the only home inspector training academy that is taught, instructed, and created by actual, working inspectors.

Our CEO and founder, Wade Williamson, has been inspecting homes for nearly ten years. He built his own inspection company from the ground up, so he knows, firsthand, what it takes to get a home inspection business up and running. Above that, his company has grown to the largest home inspection company in Colorado. So he knows business, means business, and will grow your business.

From the initial training, the fieldwork, company creation, business SOPs, and liability documents, Axium Academy is the best education you will get. We have the knowledge and experience to train you to be the best inspector you can be in a timely fashion and on a budget.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set up every inspector we train to become a qualified, trained, and knowledgable inspector whose business flourishes and thrives with comprehensive software, marketing, sales, and customer service resources. We strive to provide the best home inspector training in the state.

Our inspectors are working inspectors. They are up to date on all the newest issues with homes and technologies available to inspectors. We want to share our knowledge with you to ensure you are prepared for taking on any inspection with ease and excellence.

We’ll be here for you during the whole process. From your first class, to your first inspection, we will guide, train, and educate you.

You walk away with the knowledge, experience, and qualifications.

Hard work is part of training. We give you something to show for it.

The Whole Package

  • At Axium Academy, we value experience. We make sure that you leave your home inspector training with actual field experience.
  • Our course information is easily accessible online.
  • The live course classes are interactive, fun, and exceptionally informative.
  • In the field, you’ll be able to shadow a InterNACHI Board Certified Master Inspector. This will provide you on-hand experience with common defects and work-flow.
  • You receive InterNACHI Home Inspector Certification plus 6 months of free InterNACHI membership for free.
  • Our comprehensive training material, provided by InterNACHI, is easy to read, understand, and implement.
  • Our Express (standard) course is 149 hours online, 31 hours in class, and 9 hours in the field, which means you get thorough training and education.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are current Board Certified Master Inspectors, working the field everyday.
  • We value experience; that’s why you’ll only train with inspectors who have been inspecting everyday for years.
  • We offer the lowest price you’ll find for the most education, and we do so without cutting corners or leaving out important educational aspects.
  • Our packages are all inclusive. You’ll learn everything you need to know to be well-versed in home inspecting.
  • Our standard Express Course package offers you more than just the basics.
  • We provide online, classroom, and live field training. We are one of very few home inspector training company to offer field training. This training is with real clients, actual realtors, and above average, qualified inspectors.
  • We offer payment plans so money doesn’t stand in your way.

Meet the team.

You will have an entire staff working hard to ensure you have quality ongoing support.

Wade Williamson

CEO and Instructor

Drew Dillsworth

Sales Coordinator

Dirck Parsons

Certified Master Inspector

Jason Sanchez

Axium Inspector

Mike Griswold

Axium Inspector

Beau Beyer

Axium Inspector

Mike Keily

Inspection Manager

Laura Furey


Ken Ngo

Axium Inspector

Jeff Krause

Axium Inspector

Jonathan Poiry

Axium Inspector

Bob Merth

Axium Inspector


Sales and Certified Inspector

Dean Horan

Certified Master Inspector

Michael Turpen

Axium Inspector

Jim Hardin

Axium Inspector

Timothy Krapfl

Axium Inspector

Erica Warfield

Design & Marketing Director

Jerry Payne

Certified Master Inspector

Jason Berger

Axium Inspector

Mark Steinbach

Axium Inspector

Scott Sicard

Axium Inspector