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Learn directly from the CEO of one of the largest home inspection companies in the country!

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This class is life changing.

Last month I graduated from Axium Academy; I can honestly say, without a doubt Axium Academy will have a greater ROI than my Bachelors degree. My investment has already paid for itself. It’s not even a month after the class has ended and I’m already getting work that pays in excess of $700 per day.  Do yourself a favor; go to Axium Academy’s website and SIGN UP NOW!

Ty Barrett

Student, Home Inspector, Read the Entire Review on Yelp

Learn From Active, Certified Home Inspectors

Our courses are always taught by a Certified Master Inspector. You will be learning directly from the CEO of Axium Inspections, which is Colorado’s largest and most referred home inspection company. Being in business for 10 years, we have the knowledge and experience to teach you how to become a successful Inspector. You’re learning from active, certified Inspectors, not just teachers, so you know you’re learning the best information.

We Have Been Educating Inspectors for Over 10 Years

Not only are you learning from active, certified Inspectors, but you are learning from a company that has successfully been in business for 10 years. We have been teaching Home Inspectors the best practices for a decade so we know from experience what training you need to be succesful.

24/7 Text Support of the Entire Axium Staff

Even through all your thorough education, when you’re inspecting on your own, questions come up. We are here for you. We offer 24/7 text support for 60 days after your course completion. Our active, certified inspectors, sales, admin, and marketing specialists are on stand-by to ensure all your bases are covered and you are able to successfully complete your home inspections until you have it mastered. Learn more about the support here.

What Axium Academy Offers You

We want you to be as prepared as possible in order to become a successful Home Inspector. We do this by making courses efficient, affordable, and by providing support after the course is over.

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InterNACHI Certification and Free Membership

With Axium Academy, you are learning InterNACHI’s curriculum so you will be InterNACHI certified upon course completion! You also get a free InterNACHI membership worth over $300. Our competitors teach you their curriculum but then you still have to take InterNACHI’s course all over again to become certified. We save you that hassle by teaching you what you need to know right off the bat. Easy and efficient!

Inspection Report Software

We also train you how to write reports using our custom report writing software which you can use as a professional inspector after the course is completed. It was developed by the CEO of Axium specifically to make report writing easy, efficient, and fast. Using our software, you are able to complete a report within only 20-45 minutes!

Payment Plans

Money should never deter you from doing what you love. Here, we believe in affordability and flexibility which is why we offer practical payment plans. They are set in place so you are able to pay off a little at a time, get educated, and not break the bank. The price of your course will be broken up into 6 easy payments over 6 months – simple as that!

À La Carte Licensing Services

If you want to own your own company and still do the behinds the scenes work, but you need help with maybe one or two office services, we can provide you just the services you want. For example, if you are really awesome at marketing but not so great at administrative work, you can become a licensed client whereby we provide you administration. If you are experienced in administrative work but don’t really want to deal with sales, we can provide you sales support. No matter what, we are here to help you become successful.

Our Instructors are Experienced, Certified, and Reputable Inspectors

You will learn directly from the CEO of one of the largest and most successful home inspection companies in the country so you know you’re getting the best education.


Certified Master Inspector®

Wade Williamson, Certified Master Inspector

InterNACHI Certified Expert Witness

Wade Williamson, InterNACHI Certified Expert Witness

American Society of Home Inspectors™

Wade Williamson, Certified

Radon and Mold Inspection Certified

NRPP Certified

Team Dave Logan

Yelp Reviews

InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector

Wade Williamson, InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector

Environmental Solutions Association

EPA, Environmental Protection Agency

Better Business Bureau

We Have Plenty of Options for You

We understand that everyone has different education needs, which is why we provide you multiple options for the delivery of the course. You can choose which course best suits your schedule and usage.

View the Course Options

Complete Classroom Courses

The full courses we offer include both an online and classroom portions. Here you learn the InterNACHI Standards of Practice and the Axium Standards of Practice with a certified, active Home Inspector, and finish off with at least 4 live home inspection training sessions. The live portions are so beneficial for solidifying concepts and best practices, while also giving you the confidence you need to perform your own home inspections. Learn more…

The Anytime Course

These courses are featured solely online. This means you are able to instantly watch the entire course from the comfort of your home or office. You will receive all the content for the online course, watch videos of the classroom course, see the exact presentation you would see during the live classroom, and gain all the access you need to become an Inspector. *These classes exclude the ride-along inspections and InterNACHI House of Horrors Tour as those are offered in physical locations. Learn more…

Live Streaming Courses

This streaming option is great if you’re unable to attend because of location but still want all of the benefits of being in class. This course offers the InterNACHI online material and the classroom material via live filming. You’ll login and watch the course from your home. You can even watch streaming of the live home inspections and InterNACHI House of Horrors! Learn more…

“I would highly recommend Axium Academy. The field training alone is worth the cost of the Master class. Wade and his team stood behind me at every step of my new career path! I now have the confidence to grow my home inspection business.”


– John Brendlinger

“Many thanks to Wade and Axium Academy for helping me become a certified home inspector! Their years of practical experience brought the technical content to life and made it much more memorable. I’m grateful for the relationships I formed and the support that Axium continues to provide. My time at the academy was exactly what I needed to slingshot my new career forward!”


– Mike Griswold

“I attended the September Axium Academy class, and have been very impressed. Not only did I receive a great amount of information I have also received ongoing support. That has helped build my confidence when inspecting homes. I have been very impressed with the entire staff. They are always quick to respond to emails, phone calls and text.”


– Ty Barrett

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